To binge or not to binge…. again!

I'm desperate to binge... there's loads of food in the house but I can't, I really shouldn't. It's 0633 and In my head there's this persistent dualogue, 2 sides to the matter shouting at each other indiscriminately, one side says " do it, it's not hard just go ahead", the other "don't do it, it's … Continue reading To binge or not to binge…. again!


Anxiety crisis… black tie dinner tonight

I'm terrible with organised events, well organised anything really... I just torture myself with the anticipation. We've been booked in for this charity dinner for months now, months to get prepared mentally, or more accurately months to get wound up about... I'm severely anxious about tonight, I'm desperate for a drink.., but can't, I'm almost … Continue reading Anxiety crisis… black tie dinner tonight

Back to school!…. thank god!

Every parent knows how stressful school holidays are... wether one is working or not. Before I had kids I could look upon stay at home parents with envy, all they had to do was watch the kids and get them to school. school holidays even better, no school run! How wrong could I have been... … Continue reading Back to school!…. thank god!

Who needs meds?!?

I'm off my bipolar medication, by choice... it makes me dull, tired, grumpy and a general pain in the ass. I've been up since 0200 this morning... I'm not sleeping again... it's great, I can write to my hearts content... but time does go slowly later in the day. At breakfast I feel like everyone … Continue reading Who needs meds?!?

Uh-oh! There’s a 2 year old in the wardrobe!!!!

Daylight Savings Time has not started well... forced out of bed by my 2 year old at 4am I thought I'd tough it out and get up... it was actually 3am after clock adjustments!! Gggggrrrrrr A little later My 2 year old managed to escape my gaze for 5 minutes, just 5 minutes and he's … Continue reading Uh-oh! There’s a 2 year old in the wardrobe!!!!

Too tired to work out.. The return of the ED.

I'm too tired to train today, but As per routine I'm due in the gym in less than an hour, after dropping the kids at nursery... I'm tired because I'm not eating well again, purging far too regularly and swapping carbs for rice cakes.. the start of a slippy slope to illness... It's good that … Continue reading Too tired to work out.. The return of the ED.

Prozac The Brave… or meek and mild?!

I have been taking Fluoxetine (max strength 60 mg) for a while now, English for Prozac, having hit the Cytalopram hard for about a decade. Fluoxetine is an odd fish, almost entirely removing the ability to critically analyse. When you are taking it unhappy feelings or fears for the future disappear as quickly as they … Continue reading Prozac The Brave… or meek and mild?!

A friend passes

Yesterday I learned that An old school friend of mine has passed. We were not close, and have not seen each other for over a decade... but I'm 38 and at school We were good friends, that's 15 years of friendship in the realm of blossoming youth. Unfortunately I can't make the funeral, which while … Continue reading A friend passes

Life before kids (PK)… I’m sure there was one!

Enjoy it, remember it, rub your friends faces in it whenever and wherever you can, because life pre-kids (PK) is something that doesn't exist until it's too late to change! The childless couple (or single) lives in the state of both PK and childless at the same time, it's a physicists dream... they gad about … Continue reading Life before kids (PK)… I’m sure there was one!